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Don't risk losing your identity. Make sure your customers can trust you with sensitive information.

Security has become a huge issue over the last few years. Inboxes are constantly bombarded with viruses and spam. Hackers threaten virtually all sites, sometimes compromising account information, credit card numbers or personally identifiable data that can be used for identity theft or fraud. To combat such dangers, there are several levels of protection that one must take.


When your visitors come to your site, are they sending you any sensitive or personal information? Any such information could be used against them if somebody discovered it. Unfortunately, such a discovery is easy - simply listen. Most traffic on the Internet is unencrypted. Protect your visitors with an SSL certificate. This is the same method used by banks, government sites and e-commerce sites all over the world. SSL will encrypt and protect all information between your visitors' computers and your server.


Many system vulnerabilities are due to poor programming and site faults. These can be fixed by implementing a series of established best practices. We have identified these practices and continue to use them throughout the development process. Site audits can help to identify weaknesses and address any risks.


It is of utmost importance to keep your operating system safe with patches, services packs and constant awareness of the threats that exist. A compromised system could give access to all information stored on the server.


Many industries have specific rules for the use of data and the security of a process. Healthcare clients are required to follow HIPAA security practices. Banking, telecommunications and many others have their own set of standards. In order to ensure client satisfaction with our level of security, any project that must meet standards will include thorough documentation of the security measures taken. The client or appropriate compliance officer will be asked to approve and sign this document.

Search Engine Optimization

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We can help you optimize your current site, create a marketing strategy, and manage your Internet advertising campaigns to maximize your ROI.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services

"You have been such a pleasure to work with on this project. Your level of knowledge and the way you presented it was excellent. It never felt like work. Thank you for making this a great experience."

Cyndi Svilar
Valparaiso Community Schools