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We Offer Hosting

A web site needs a place to live - but hosting doesn't stop there. When choosing a hosting partner, you must consider configuration, features, speed, security, and flexibility. We offer hosting only to our clients and trusted partners. This means that we can be confident in the level of security in each web site and application. In addition, we can provide faster support, more powerful features, and a wider range of services.

We utilize a combination of native software and various third-party components to achieve advanced functionality. Combined with powerful database systems and reporting tools, we offer a high-level of hosting at an attractive price.

Why Host With Us?

Very few shared hosting providers offer a comparable configuration. This allows us the most flexibility in deciding how to develop your project. Take a look at some of the reasons why the dirt-cheap shared hosting provider is not the best choice…


Like your business, your web site will continue to grow and improve. As your site moves from the brochure site to a database-driven, powerful web application, you don't want your web host to hold you back.

Budget web hosts cut costs by cutting staff and providing support via email. When your site has a problem, we can work directly with you to resolve the problem.

Security is only as strong as the weakest link, and shared hosting means that your site resides on the same server as other sites. How much can you trust those other sites? Because each of the applications on our servers has been developed by our own staff and subjected to our security standards, you don't have to worry about someone else's vulnerabilities affecting your site.

How Much Does It Cost?

Your hosting bill will depend entirely upon what kind of services, storage space, bandwidth, and support you will require. Static sites generally are the cheapest, while database sites or high-bandwidth sites will add costs. We will discuss hosting options and prices during the proposal phase.

Compared to other hosting providers, we can be considered both extremely expensive and extremely cheap. Some budget hosting companies start at $8/month. For a configuration such as ours, however, you can pay nearly $600/month! We're happy to offer services at this upper level with prices much closer to the budget providers.

Search Engine Optimization

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We can help you optimize your current site, create a marketing strategy, and manage your Internet advertising campaigns to maximize your ROI.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services

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Nicholas Siambis, Director of Accounts