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U.S. retail e-commerce sales for the 2nd quarter of 2004 was $15.7 billion, an increase of 23.1% from the 2nd quarter of 2003.
SOURCE: Dept. of Commerce

The Internet has helped many companies expand their market across the country and even the globe. Unfortunately, conducting such business can increase operating costs, create delays and open the door to less reputable competitors. We can help you avoid these problems. The Electronic Office is a concept that has helped many companies conduct their global business with the ease of a local brick-and-mortar.

Client Order Systems

You can accept orders from your established clients anywhere in the world. They simply log in to your website, order your products and continue on their way. There are no delays in mail or shipping order forms. You can control your product inventory directly and receive your orders instantly. Your clients do not spend their time and money on long distance phone calls, costly overnight shipping for emergency orders or excess paperwork. Plus, their order information is secured and catalogued. They can look up their order history at any time. And it can all be integrated with your existing procedures.

Corporate Intranets

As your business grows, the need for communication does too. Salespeople that travel to all parts of the world are finding themselves desperately searching for a fax number, that email they received, or the product information sheet. Let them find the information they need in a single, secured place. With an internal communication site, members of your company can communicate with you or with each other. Distribute marketing or sales documents via the web and they can be reached from any location - even from a client's own computer. Additional security mechanisms can ensure that only your employees are accessing your most sensitive information.

Shopping Carts and Online Stores

If you sell products to the general public, they will want to find you on the Internet. More than that, you will want them to find you. Provide potential customers with a way to order your products online. Conduct immediate and secure online credit card processing for fast, reliable order results. Manage your inventory, catalog and specials to keep visitors coming back. Track purchases, trends and adjust your marketing accordingly.

Internet Marketing


You can have the greatest website in the world, but it means nothing if nobody visits. Luckily, the Internet provides far more opportunity to reach your target audience than any other media outlet. Place your ads on high-traffic, relevant sites and watch your own site's traffic grow.

Search Engine Optimization

When prospective clients want to find a company like yours, they will look in online search engines. Will they find yours? If you are not found in the major search engines, you may be losing business - a lot of business. We can help you with search engine submission, meta-tags and everything else you'll need to find yourself climbing the charts.

Search Engine Optimization

Your company could benefit from S.E.O.

  • Increase Traffic and Conversions
  • Improve your placement in search results
  • Track effectiveness of advertising
  • Grow your business comfortably
  • Leave your competitors behind

We can help you optimize your current site, create a marketing strategy, and manage your Internet advertising campaigns to maximize your ROI.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services

I want to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the project. I am still astonished at how well the launch of our websites went, truly never let us down for one second! I am looking forward to an ongoing relationship with you; you all are such a pleasure to work with. Cheers to a successful project!

Kirsten Doughty, Marketing Coordinator
Grundy Worldwide