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Case Study

Valparaiso Community Schools

Valparaiso Community Schools web site [w], needed a massive overhaul. The in-house web staff made clear a need for support on issues of web standards, content preperation and user focused design.

Audience Focus

As planning for the site began several audiences for the site were discussed, each with specific needs. Parents, it was decided were the key audience to serve, thus the sites content and navigation tends to focus on this primary audience.

Dreamweaver Templates

Dreamweaver templates are intergral to the site design. Because the custom templates allow control over locked and editable regions of the web pages, content is protected as minor layout changes occur.

Contribute Integration

While the staff had a broad range of experience and talents web coding was not something that anyone was familiar with. Using Contribute was necessary so that everyone from the school administration to teachers could update the site.

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