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Case Study

L. I. Combs & Sons, Inc.

Coded in XHTML and CSS 1 & 2 the L. I. Combs & Sons, Inc. web site [w], utilizes cutting-edge web coding and innovative use of web standards.

Meeting the client's needs for a site that presented a polished professional look for the company, with fast loading pages and up-to the minute information was key in every decision as this site grew from a second generation FrontPage monster to an organized DreamWeaver/Contribute driven information system.

Custom CSS

A custom print style sheet allows a user to print the L.I. Combs site cleanly on paper.

Visitors to the L. I. Combs & Sons, Inc. website are able to print out information from each page that has been optimized for print.

A custom style sheet formats the page content in a 7 inch column in the center of the page, removing page elements like the navigation and footer and replacing the header with one that is set up for print. The style sheet also sets the color to be printer friendly by replacing most colors with black or gray.

Invisible Elements

Web accessibility is fast becoming more than a buzz topic. As more individuals are turning to the web for information, business and entertainment, accessibility to sites has become more than a theatrical nicety. It has become a rule for success, critical for users that are taking advantage of still developing software to help them overcome site and mobility issues.

Developed so that screen readers and mobil devices like cell-phones and PDA's can access the content, the L. I. Combs & Sons, Inc. web site is a model in the industry with many features that are invisible to the traditional user.

Contribute Integration

With time critical information like project bids on the site L. I. Combs & Sons, Inc. needed to be able to edit and update the site in house.

While the staff had a broad range of experience and talents web coding was not something that anyone was familiar with. Using Contribute and DreamWeaver templates was necessary so that everyone from the president to the project foremen could add content to the site.

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I want to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the project. I am still astonished at how well the launch of our websites went, truly never let us down for one second! I am looking forward to an ongoing relationship with you; you all are such a pleasure to work with. Cheers to a successful project!

Kirsten Doughty, Marketing Coordinator
Grundy Worldwide