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About Birch Lake Studios



What is best for one person may not be the best for another. We keep this in mind when working with different clients, projects, and situations. Our flexibility allows us to produce quality results under any circumstances.


It's the cornerstone of every project. Every team member must be working together to get the project done right. We keep clients informed of progress and problems - if we can resolve issues before they affect the project, we can save a lot of time and money.


People used to say that time equals money. We know better than that. Time is worth far more than money. We value your time and ours; when we create a project timeline, we do our very best to meet or beat the deadlines. Of course, we don't waste that valuable time - it's spent improving projects, developing new ideas, or rewarding our team members with a little extra time off.

Creativity and Technology

Every project is a technical tool. Every design and interface is an artistic masterpiece. Our success relies on our ability to apply creative thinking to technologically advanced projects. The result is a superior product and satisfied customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Your company could benefit from S.E.O.

  • Increase Traffic and Conversions
  • Improve your placement in search results
  • Track effectiveness of advertising
  • Grow your business comfortably
  • Leave your competitors behind

We can help you optimize your current site, create a marketing strategy, and manage your Internet advertising campaigns to maximize your ROI.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services

You are handling this extremely well... I knew I made the right choice with you... but this is sort of unbelievable...Thanks!

Nicholas Siambis, Director of Accounts